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This is your chance to taste the potency of Biodecoding® and experience for yourself its transformational power.

Self-study or with mentoring


Biodecoding is not just a path of healing. It’s a path of increasing happiness because it’s a path of consciousness.


-Christian Flèche, founder


Make a real impact in the world by truly transforming within

This is a training that will bring the therapist in you to the next level and create fast and sustainable changes both in you and those you serve, at the physical and emotional level.

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Starter Course Self Study

​This includes approximately 8 hours of video content. As a bonus, you will receive one free lecture from Christian Flèche.


regular price $260 USD

Starter Course with Mentoring (starts 9/11/2021)

This includes 5 hours of mentoring and 10 training hours, in addition to online video content. Get on waiting list now to lock in your discount.


regular price $480 USD

Biodecoding® is the missing link in healing the body and the mind.


This Starter Course is your first step on the path to being able to answer this question. The key to understanding our bodies and its diseases rests not just on psychological, symbolic or intellectual approaches, but on a bio-logical. This course will clarify for you the intrinsic organ-psyche-brain connection, and the critical role that trapped emotions and embedded unconscious beliefs play in creating the energetic blockage that creates disease.

You will begin to learn the art of decoding symptoms and the language of the cells directly from the creator of the method, Christian Flèche, assisted by Marie Anne Boularand, the founder of the Biodecoding® Institute. This course is your first step in the certification training. It lays the core foundation of Biodecoding® and is a great way to test out whether you’d like to continue with the advanced modules of the full training.

You have unlimited access to the course for 2 years and you can watch the videos as many times as you need. No stress about missing anything!

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Why should you join this training?

Here's a sample of the outcomes you may obtain using Biodecoding® in your professional practice and personal life:

  • Speed up symptom-reversal

  • Erase the disease-program at its root cause

  • Prevent relapses and stop chronicity

  • Prevent future diseases or illness

  • Resolve past and present emotional conflicts and change the course of your life

  • Eliminate the fear of disease and feel at peace with your body

  • Grow in consciousness of your true self

Course Content

Both Self Study & with Mentoring

Each lesson in this module includes:

  • One or two videos where Christian Flèche explains specific concepts using multiple examples of real case stories

  • One or more PDF documents which summarize thoroughly the topics developed in the videos 

  • Bonus materials to deepen your knowledge 

  • A quiz to self-evaluate your integration of the fundamental points -- useful for certification



  • The first section is comprised of 18 lessons and introduces you to the foundational concepts that support Biodecoding®.


  • The second section introduces you to the biological decoding of the organs controlled by the brain stem.

"I can't wait to learn more!"

I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn more of Biodecoding from where I am, in the Central African Republic. Biodecoding is a fascinating breakthrough that shed light in a benevolent way on a particular emotion, need or belief I was unaware of. The benevolent awareness of such needs and beliefs has been a powerful invitation to unlock my limiting patterns and open up to greater possibilities. The starter course has been a promising overview of what is ahead. I can't wait to learn more!

- Melissa Sonny

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