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Biodecoding® is a healing paradigm that is based on the logic of biology, and the intrinsic organ-psyche-brain connection.
Biodecoding® resolves trauma and deletes our outdated programs

Disease is the conscious memory or trace--like a footprint left in the sand--of an unresolved past trauma. It is the consequence of the body running an adaption program to a situation that no longer exists.

Like a broken record, the body keeps playing it, because it hasn’t updated the software for the current reality.  Like a person who lives in cold snowy Canada, and puts on his warm coat, boots, hat and gloves, then drives to Miami but continues to wear the winter gear on the beach. The winter outfit was adapted for Canada but is no longer suitable for Miami weather so it creates great discomfort.


Using the language of technology, we can say that Biodecoding® is a way to update our OS. Its signature protocols offer ways to delete our outdated applications. Disease or maladaptive behaviors only appear when a past trauma has not been resolved (either consciously or unconsciously). Once totally resolved, the symptom is no longer useful and disappears spontaneously. 

 A distinctive feature of Biodecoding® is its awareness that it is the emotions that affect the cells, not the mind (mental). And an emotion is caused and maintained by a belief. (But you’ll understand more about that once you join our training!)

The body speaks what the mouth doesn’t.


Meet Christian Flèche

Creator of Biodecoding®

R.N., Psycho-bio-therapist™, Master NLP Trainer and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. He created the concept of Biodecoding® in 1993, an innovative and global approach to physical and emotional healing which grew rapidly in popularity in France and worldwide. Due to an increasing demand in trained professionals, he founded a school in France (École de Décodage Biologique®) where he offers trainings and workshops for personal and professional development. Over the years his courses expanded overseas, training hundreds of people yearly in over 20 countries. His teachings are now available in English (The Biodecoding® Institute) and in Spanish (Biodécodage Practica de Christian Flèche). When he is not traveling, Flèche continues his research and writes. He has written over 28 books, which include several best-sellers that have been translated into several languages.


Meet Marie Anne Boularand

Founder of the Biodecoding Institute

Founder and manager of the Biodecoding® Institute, she has been practicing and teaching alternative medicine for the past 25 years in France and the United States. Trained by Christian Flèche in 2001, she partnered with him to spread the Biodecoding® method within the international English-speaking community. She is in charge of developing and coordinating the online and residential courses in English. Naturopath, Psycho-bio-therapist™ and NLP Practitioner, when she is not teaching classes or managing the school, she gives private sessions.

Visit her personal website here


You are one step closer to changing your life forever.

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