Biodecoding® is a new way of understanding the human being and health, where the concept of illness is seen as a biological solution to unresolved emotional traumas or daily stresses. As a complementary approach to western and alternative medicine, students will learn the specific code for each pathology along with signature therapeutic techniques to resolve rapidly the emotional conflicts at the cellular level. 

An innovative hybrid therapeutic approach to illness and emotional healing, Biodecoding® was developed in 1993 by Christian Flèche who decided to combine the best theoretical and practical elements from various groundbreaking concepts in order to offer the most complete, practical, coherent and effective healing method targeting the memory of the cells. 


Biodecoding® integrates in whole or in part the concepts of:

--- Dr Milton Erickson (hypnotherapy) 

--- Georg Groddeck (the pioneer of psychosomatic medicine) 

--- John Grinder and Richard Bandler (Neuro-linguistic Programming - NLP)

--- Dr Geerd Ryke Hamer (German New Medicine®), 

--- Dr Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger (Psycho-biogenealogy), 

--- Bert Hellinger (Family Constellations), 

--- Marc Fréchet (Project-purpose of the child; Memorized Biological Cellular Cycles),

--- Philippe Lévy

--- Gestalt therapy, modern and traditional psychology and few other concepts. 


But Biodecoding® goes much further and that's what makes it stand out from any other healing modalities. As a visionary master therapist, Christian Flèche has brought major contributions in terms of research and development of signature therapeutic theories and protocols. It offers a revolutionary method to rapidly decode any kinds of symptom (physical, emotional and mental) and resolve efficiently their underlying bio-emotional and ancestral cause at the cellular level. As a complementary approach to conventional and alternative treatments, it has been validated by thousands of clients and students to be a truly life-changing method with  the potential to unlock and speed up physical and emotional healing for long-lasting results.



Are you ready to start healing?

Based on the biological meaning and usefulness of the symptom , Biodecoding® refers to how a specific emotion impacts directly a specific part of the brain and a specific part of the body, switching the normal functioning of the cells to an unusual functioning that we call illness.  


The particularity of Biodecoding® is its emphasis on addressing the emotions. You learn to identify precisely the kind of emotions that have a direct impact on the cells, using signature protocols that help people to access them and express them in a way that it liberates the cells permanently. 

Over the years, most health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, naturopaths, chiropractors…) who have joined our courses I’ve recognized the significant impact of emotions on the body and how they work hand in hand. You too can now experience it first hand by joining one of our trainings and workshops today.

Emotions are 
the fuel of life 
Start healing yourself and others today !
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