At this time only one certification cycle is planned for 2021. As soon as another cycle is determined, it will be announced here.

Our Mission is to train first-class Biodecoding® therapists. That mission is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to: 


The key to excellence of a good therapist is the commitment to keep doing one’s own inner work. Our learning is never done.


Students understand that Biodecoding® is more than a path to healing; it’s a fast-track to self-discovery and transformation.


Biodecoding® isn’t about delivering a fixed recipe; protocols are continuously evolving according to new scientific and therapeutic discoveries.


We share, learn and evolve together. It requires a tribe to activate our gifts and abilities so that we can make the impact we desire to make in the world. Evolution is a team sport not a solo one!


Bring lasting transformational change to your life and that of others.

Level One

Online training

If you are already a therapist, it will bring the therapist in you to the next level and create fast and sustainable changes both in you and those you serve.

This course is also for those who:

  • Want to start a new career as a therapist and learn from a world-renowned master and innovator with a well-established international school.

  • Are tired of struggling with stubborn & persistent physical ailments or emotional blockages and are ready to free themselves once and for all.

Learn how to quick-target and resolve the root cause of physical and emotional issues with this 5 module training.

You will learn:

  • 20+ transformational signature protocols

  • Christian Flèche’s unique method of decoding symptoms

  • Specific decoding of all the organs of the body

  • Special conditions such as cancer, chronic disease, pain, inflammation, organ failure, and more.

The course consists of:

  • Online videos

  • Monthly Group Q&A and Mentoring Webinars

  • Access to an expanding global community of like-minded students.

  • Eligibility for certification as a Biodecoding® Counselor.

Biodecoding® Starter Course

If you prefer to wet your feet before diving into the full training, we have you covered!

We realize that some people may need a taste test before committing to a more in-depth training. With this Starter Course, which is the first Module of the Level One training, you can begin to understand the foundational principles Biodecoding. You’ll learn that the key to understanding our bodies and its dis-eases rests not just on psychological, symbolic or intellectual approaches, but on a bio-logical. This course will clarify for you the intrinsic organ-psyche-brain connection, and the critical role that trapped emotions and embedded unconscious beliefs play in creating the energetic blockage that creates disease.


It’s a perfect appetizer to see if you might be hungry for the full entrée. It includes online videos, downloadable PDFs and 3 monthly Group Mentoring Q&A sessions where you are introduced to some of the foundational protocols, and able to meet other students from around the world.  

Image by Christin Hume

Training starts on November 21, 2020

Join the original school of Biodecoding® with over 26 years of experience in training thousands of students in 22 countries.

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