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Whether you are looking to give a major kick to your healing skills, or you want to start a new career as an outstanding therapist, or you just want to experience an profound transformation, we offer a variety of trainings and workshops in several countries and cities to meet your personal and professional goals.
You will find the most comprehensive hands-on practical and theory-based courses aimed at delivering amazing fast and lasting changes that our students report having experienced during our events.


LEVEL 1 - FUNDAMENTALS : It consists of 5 modules where you learn all the foundational skills and techniques to set you on track for a successful practice in Biodecoding®. To get you started right away, the theory-based of the course is offered online HERE along with monthly Group Mentoring Webinars with your teacher. The full training is completed with 3 residential seminars (2-3 days each) given in North America, Europe and Oceania. During these on-site classes, you will practice and experience on yourself the signature transformational protocols that will give you the skills and confidence in your healing practice. After completion of all the requirements and evaluation of your knowledge and skills, you will be eligible for certification as a Biodecoding® Counselor.

LEVEL 2SPECIALTY SKILLS : This level consists of a series of several modules in a residential setting focusing on specific topics and techniques that support the Biodecoding® practice. You will master your knowledge and techniques, and bring your practice to the next level. Here are the required modules for certification: Emotional Imbalances and Mood Disorders (4 days); Project-Purpose of the Child (2 days); Memorized Biological Life Cycles (2 days); Transgenerational (3 days); Structure of Beliefs (3 days); Metaphors and Double Bind (3 days); Identification and Identity (3 days).  After completion of all the requirements and evaluation of your knowledge and know-how, you will be eligible for certification as a Biodecoding® Coach.


LEVEL 3 - CONFLICTOLOGYMaster the decoding of each symptom ! Through these 6 advanced modules (3 days each) you will study in depth the body's systems, organs and tissues, along with the overview of the most common pathologies with their specific decoding and protocols.  This level 3 training is a mix of online theory-based courses and 3 residential courses (2-3 days each) for the practice of advanced therapeutic protocols. After completion of all required modules and assignments, you will be evaluated on your knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills to be eligible for certification as a Biodecoding® Practitioner.

Become an exceptional
by learning the art
of listening to
the cells' language.
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