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How our ancestors influence our destiny?

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8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Anyone is welcome. We recommend though that you watch the free mini course  before the class as some basic Biodecoding concepts will be useful to make the most of this course. 

This course will be taught in French with simultaneous English translation

In our modern era we tend to go through life, thinking that our life and our journey is all about us. We’ve lost sight of what so many pre-modern cultures knew to be true: that our story didn’t begin with us and that we are just a continuum of those that came before us.

In this module we are going to explore the dimension of our ancestors and how transgenerational legacies play out in our lives. It will be a journey of discovery into the traces they leave in all areas of our life – from our work, to our life purpose, to our relationships, hobbies and not least of all, our health.

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The objective is to remember and honor our ancestors, not just through repetition of their suffering through transgenerational trauma or disease, but through respect for the intertwining of our stories and the continuity of life and its gifts.

The objetive is to remember and HONOR OUR ANCESTORS THROUGH  RESPECT for the intertwining of our stories and the continuity of LIFE and its gifts

In this seminar we will delve into some of  the transgenerational memories  that underly specific symptoms, and shed light onto why stories repeat themselves. We’ll also learn  how the original seeds are planted for certain emotional issues  related to our work, relationships, world view, physical symptoms, etc.

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What you're  going to learn

Through theory and the practice of powerful protocols, you will learn and experience:

How to work with a symptom by tracing its source within the family genealogy and how to free the unconscious memory.

How the early death of young adults or children in the family tree influence the lives of descendants and how to free ourselves from the burden of the dead.

How to find the transgenerational memory at the root of a symptom even with very little information about family history.

How to work on the issue of invisible family loyalty in order to reclaim your destiny.


 Jean-Guillaume Salles 

Your teacher

Jean-Guillaume Salles is an Academic Scientist (Certified Geophysicist) who found his true path over 15 years ago: counseling through a Body-Consciousness perspective through Caycedian Sophrologhy. Later on he had another pivotal encounter with Biodecoding®, which revolutionized his life and his practice. His therapeutic search based on effectiveness, respect and curiosity transformed him and led him to certification as a Master NPL Practitioner and in Ericksonian Hypnosis.

As a Psycho-bio therapist, his therapeutic approach combines Biodecoding® with Psycho-genealogy, Memorized biological cycles, NPL and Hypnosis. These techniques allow direct access to brain functioning creating profound and effective changes at both a behavioral and biological level. Through his holistic vision of therapy, he has created a hybrid modality called Holographic Field Therapy which integrates the holographic brain functioning during the process of change that is therapy.

As an international teacher and practitioner, his activities are split between private sessions, Biodecoding® training courses and book writing. Owner and director of the school LE PASSAGE he also offers therapeutic retreats and workshops in several countries.

His vision of therapy and training is summarized in this phrase from Henry James:




Will this course be recorded?

SinSince participants personal stories and emotional intimacy will be shared during this course, only the audio will be recorded to preserve each others' privacy. The recordings will be accessible for 30 days.

Yes, like with any protocols provided during the Biodecoding courses, they are powerfully effective and are meant for health professionals as well as lay people to apply them right away in their practice and life.

Would I be able to use the therapeutic protocols in my professional practice?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If by the first break of the first day you don't feel satisfied with the course, we invite you to contact us right away by email. We will proceed to a full refund. After the first break, no refund will be issued.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

Not at all. Everybody is welcome, from lay people to seasoned health professionals. We only recommend to watch the free mini-course to get familiar with some basic Biodecoding concepts so that you can follow the course easier and make the most out of it.

Do I need to have a background in Biodecoding to attend this course?

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