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  • Marci Laughlin

What distinguishes Biodecoding® from other therapies?

Let me begin by asking you a question. Would you rather travel by public bus, or drive your own Ferrari?

How is that relevant you ask? Well, to begin, if you travel by bus, you are dependent upon the pre-established route and have no agency over the vehicle. Whereas if you are the driver of your Ferrari, you have choice about the route you take to your destination and the speed at which you drive. Very likely, you enjoy a feeling of empowerment because you are in the driver’s seat. (Not to mention the extra boost you have from being the fastest and fanciest car on the road.)

But, since you are likely not among the one-percenters, let me ask you a different question. Let’s say you are an actor. Would you prefer to have the creative license to modify the script you’ve been given, or to adhere rigidly to the given screenplay?

I’m guessing that in either scenario, you’d prefer to have agency, power and creative license as you navigate your life. But all too often we abdicate all 3 when we confront illness and seek answers in conventional medicine. The power of the Biodecoding® approach is that it, first and foremost, gives power back to the client/patient. All too often in conventional medicine, the patient outsources his/her power to the doctor, who is seen as the authority. We rely on the doctors to find the answers, to interpret the symptoms, to prescribe the right medicine.

And this process unwittingly results in the patient forgetting that he/she has the power to affect his or her healing. Power is handed over to the ‘authority’ while the patient overlooks his/her ability to access his/her inner guidance and the wisdom of the body.


Moreover, once a person learns about Biodecoding® they realize that they have the power within them not just to modify the play—but to write their own. As the saying goes, the truth will set you free. And knowing the language of your body, and the truth it wants to teach you, will set you free. Because what the study of Biodecoding® reveals is that ultimately, your body—through its symptoms, through ‘disease’—wants to lead you to YOU…to who you are beyond the layers of social conditioning, outdated beliefs, external projections, etc.

Allow me to give you an illustration of what I’m getting at. One of the reasons I decided to study Biodecoding® is that I’ve been struggling with left-sided pain in my body for several years. I’ve had MRIs, X-rays, EMGs, consulted at the UCSF spine clinic, the Mayo clinic, and with neurologists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. But no one had answers. They confirmed that I have disc issues, scoliosis, and some other spinal issues, but I was told that they didn’t justify all the pain, neuropathy and other strange sensations I’ve been experiencing on my entire left side on a daily basis.

A few months into my study of the Level 1 Biodecoding® training, I came to discover that certain organs or tissues are correlated with specific themes. For example, I learned that issues related to bones are correlated with the issue of self-devaluation.

And specifically, scoliosis is correlated to self-devaluation via comparison. That certainly caught my attention since I’m a twin. While growing up, I was constantly confronted with comparisons from others, not to mention my own comparison and feelings of never being quite as good as my sister, who I thought was the prettier one, the faster one, more agile one, etc. My ears perked up even further when I learned that the theme associated with muscle issues is powerlessness, while the nerves relate to ‘projects’ or future. As I took this information in, I had a childhood flashback of watching my grandmother play the slot machine, and watching as all the cherries lined up. Jackpot!

Intuitively I could feel those cherries lining up in me. Pieces of the puzzle began falling into place. In my personal development and healing journey over the years, the theme of power had come to the forefront. Was it any coincidence that my big passion in life has been to empower women? And yet to my great dismay, during my year-long reiki apprenticeship, I’d realized that on an unconscious level, somehow being powerful felt dangerous, while being weak felt safer. Not at all what my logical, rational brain or the Marci that I identify with believed or wanted to see!


When I began to contemplate the issue of the nerves, I recognized how attached I’ve been in my life to serving a "greater mission", to working on behalf of a "greater good". I realized that without having such a "project" with which to engage, I felt without purpose, or useless. The question emerged: can I still value myself in the absence of such a "project"? Was it any wonder that my muscles felt weak, or that I often had muscle spasms or cramping? The body follows the script it is given: If I’m unconsciously telling myself that I’m useless, then muscles become pointless, for movement becomes unnecessary. While I’ve not yet completed the whole puzzle, the pieces of the jigsaw have been falling into place. And, since, as my Reiki teacher used to always say, the body is just a crystallization of the mind, the body has been has been responding. Through Biodecoding sessions, I’ve experienced much relief and gained a trust that pain does not have to remain part of my narrative.

These insights have truly put me in awe of the intelligence of our bodies, and the role it plays in waking us up! I see that my body has been attempting to wake me up from untruths and false beliefs. Now, rather than viewing my pain as a big obstacle or deviation on my path, I see how it has been trying to alert me to my own deviation in perception.

And how can I, or any of us, achieve the healing or freedom we desire, if we don’t address the defect in "programming"? How can I have true agency or creative license in my life, if I remain under the hypnosis of my unconscious beliefs, or false perceptions? Thanks to Biodecoding®, I now trust that the answers I need are within me. And that I will claim my power – no Ferrari needed.


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