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Heal overweight at its root for good
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 APRIL 30th - MAY 1st, 2022

8 AM to 1 PM

US central time 

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*Course taught in French with English translation


Why some people tend to gain weight easily and have a hard time losing it no matter how commited they are in their diet and exercise routine? What do they do wrong? Is there something wrong with their body?

The answer is no. They are not doing anything wrong nor is there anything wrong with their body. On the contrary, their body is perfectly fine. It does what it's meant to do for their own good.


I can hear you. How being overweight can be for my own good? How is it possible? It does not make sense.

Indeed, this statement makes no sense at the rational level. Being overweight does not offer much advantage. But at the biological level, it makes sense. In fact, the body responds logically and intelligently if we know about the logic of biology, of survival.

Image by Julia Taubitz
Overweight is a solution to a past trauma.
Learn to heal the past to update your cells back to normal.


from your survival programs

and get your natural body back

Learn an innovative approach to uproot the cause of overweight for good.


Weight issues and eating disorders are a plague nowadays in our modern societies and they greatly affect our health.

The strategy usually proposed to lose weight is essentially based on more or less restrictive diets and physical exercises. Unfortunately when weight loss happens through these kinds of regimen it usually does not last despite all the restrictions and efforts.

Image by Samuel Ramos
Image by Malachi Cowie

The person goes back to her initial body shape within the next 12 months causing a feeling of frustration and powerlessness which in turn increases the sense of disgust the person feels toward her body.

The person is trap in an endless loop that can last her entire life and she ends up given up at some point.


Weight gain goes beyond the equation of: eating less and burning more.

If it was that simple, everybody eating healthy and exercising daily would have the perfect figures.

Sophie Favarel


Sophie Favarel have practiced Body Psychotherapy since 1988 and received her certification through the Institute of Psychotherapy in Venezuela

In 2005 she broadened her therapeutic skills through a training in the Method of Liberation of Body Armors with Marie Lise Labonté in Paris. In 2009 she started training in Biodecoding® with Christian Flèche and became a Biodecoding® Teacher in 2016.


She also certified as an NLP Practitioner, in Family Constellation of Bert Hellinger and as a Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis. An international Speaker and Trainer, she works with private businesses, medical clinics and as a private consultant. After living most of her adult life in Venezuela, she went back to France, her native country, in 2017.


Teacher: Sophie Faravel


That’s what Biodecoding® proposes: to go to the root of the issue where everything started in the first place.


Nature never does things by accident, it always does things to insure survival whether it's in animals, plants or humans. And the symptom follows the same survival logic .

But what is bothersome is that the survival solution is outdated.
Overweight is a solution to an emotional trauma that happened in the past. We carry the weight of the past !

What did you experience in the past for your body to produce more fat as a survival solution?

This is what you are going to discover during these 2 days.
You are going to learn a method to go back in time to meet the past traumas that set up the program "more fat" in your cells. A new set of therapeutic skills will be provided and you will be guided throughout the process.

Is this course for you?

  • Are you dealing with overweight?

  • Do you want to help people suffering from weight issues?


  • Are you looking for permanent results on the path back to healthy weight?

  • Do you want to address the emotional and ancestral root cause of weight gain?

Then this course is for you.

You will understand the internal mechanisms underlying weight gain under a brand new perspective. You will discover the specific traumatic situations that cause a person to gain weight as a biological response.

This course is also tailored for therapists and healers who want to learn new powerful skills to better help their clients in achieving their goals faster and create lasting results.


During these 2 days, you are going to learn: what is the biological function of the fatty tissue, the 9 emotional conflicts underlying weight issues as well its connection with the ancestral memories.


You will also get the answer to “why so many people don’t seem to be able to lose weight permanently despite all their efforts?’.


Indeed Biodecoding® has identified a series of emotional conflicts that prevent weight loss from happening. Once resolved the weight loss process naturally unlocks and the person starts losing weight without going on a diet or exercising.


And of course an important part of the seminar is dedicated to the demonstration and the practice of several healing protocols that will help you resolve quickly and efficiently the emotional conflicts to reach permanent results.


2-Day training seminar April 30th - May 1st, 2022

8 AM to 1 PM US central time
Check your time according to your country*

Don't miss the special


regular price $295 USD

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