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4-DAY COURSE - behavioral disorders & emotional imbalances

With Christian Fleche

L I V E  E V E N T

September: 1 - 4, 2022
8 am to 2 pm central time (US and Canada)

Heal ∙ Transform



Learn directly from the creator of the method

Christian Flèche, the creator of this innovative method and author of 32 books, has only one goal in mind:
get results fast!

Was he destined to fulfill that objective? It looks like it. Indeed, Flèche means "arrow" in French. And an arrow is meant to reach the center of a target at a high speed. This is what
Biodecoding® offers you: a highway to reach the core issue of all illnesses and disorders faster.

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What will you learn?

Want to learn powerful approach to address the most common behavioral disorders and emotional imbalances? Don't look any further!

In this course you will learn to resolver symptoms such as phobias, depressio, borderline, aggressiveness, anorexia, bulimia, autism, panic attack and much more.

Signature healing protocols

As in any Biodecoding® courses, for each concept that you learn, you will have a practical application through signature protocols and exercises developed by Christian Fleche.


Our ultimate goal is to offer effective tools to help you and your clients resolve their issues as fast as possible. So in our trainings there is less theory and more practice.


A demonstration will be done for each protocol. Then you will be able to practice some of them live during the class with your cohorts. As always, you will be able to complete your practice with peer students after the class at your convenience.

By the end of the course, you will be able to start practicing your new healing skills right away with your clients and loved ones -- and experience on yourself the power of transformation!



This course will clarify for you the intrinsic organ-psyche-brain connection, and provide the critical tools to release trapped emotions and embedded unconscious programs that cause the change of behavior and emotional imbalances.

Any doubts?

Time to start healing!
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