R.N., Psycho-bio-therapist™, Master NLP Trainer and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. He created the concept of Biodecoding® in 1993, an innovative and global approach to physical and emotional healing which grew rapidly in popularity in France and worldwide. Due to an increasing demand in trained professionals, he founded a school in France (École de Décodage Biologique®) where he offers trainings and workshops for personal and professional development. Over the years his courses expended overseas, training hundreds of people yearly in 20 countries. His teachings are now available in English and in Spanish (Biodécodage Practica de Christian Flèche). When he is not traveling, Flèche continues his research and writes. He is the author of over 28 books among which several are bestsellers and translated in several languages.

Christian Flèche
Marie Anne Boularand 

Psycho-bio Therapist™ from the Biodecoding® School of Christian Flèche. Master NLP Trainer; Coach in Metagenealogy and Psychomagic: Direct disciple of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Marianne Costa and Cristóbal Jodorowsky.

Facilitator and Trainer in Family Constellations at the Bert Hellinger Institute of Venezuela and Bert Hellinger Science-CUDEC. Founder of the School of Rebirthing From Heart To Heart.

Ana María Manzano
Ana María Ramírez

Psycho-bio-therapist™  and teacher at the Biodecoding® School of Christian Flèche.

Certified Life Coach with an emphasis on NLP and Enneagram.

Meditation and healing studies in India. Lawyer and Public Accountant.

For the past few years, she has dedicated her life to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Brigitte Penot 

Master NLP Trainer, her fundamental values ​​are: communication, transmission, evolution and ethics.

Her areas of intervention are:

- Communication: fundamentals, management, conflict management

- NLP as business consulting and intervention tools

- NLP applied to health

- Bio-NLP

- Learning techniques

- NLP and creativity

- Ericksonian hypnosis

- Beliefs, identity and self-esteem

- Addictions, compulsions and identity

- Training Coaches and Speaking Skills.


Her studies and trainings:

- Traditional psychology in SavoirPsy (Paris) in:

- General psychology

- Psychoanalysis

- Psychopathology

- Sexology and pharmacology

- Biological decoding with Philippe Lévy and Christian Flèche

- Holographic field therapy with Jean-Guillaume Salles

Claudia Ramos Carrión 

Claudia Ramos Carrión, Authorized Organizer in Colombia.

- Psycho-bioTherapist™ in Biodecoding® of Christian Flèche

- Energy Healer with a psycho body approach in Core Energetica.

- Family, Organizational and Health Constellation.

- Ericksonian Hypnosis and Regression to Past Lives with Brian Weiss

- Healing of the Inner Child.

- Energy Interference Release Therapist by Soul Energetics, Oregon.

- Archangel Therapist at the Berkana Healing Center, Mexico.

- Director of the Berkana Healing Center Mexico-Colombia.(

- Co-director of Centro Luminoso (

Colombian Physician and Surgeon.

Unicist homeopathic practitioner and specialist in Biological Medicine with emphasis on Homotoxicology.

Psycho-bio Therapist™ and teacher at the Biodecoding® School of Christian Flèche. She has been searching for therapeutic ways to help patients heal physically, mentally and emotionally in an integrative way.

Biodecoding® marks the end this search, as it has allowed her in her daily clinical practice to accompany patients in the awareness of the disease as a message from their own body, which aims at solving what has not been resolved another way.

In conjunction with homeopathy, its gives coherence and continuity to the individual and unique healing process of each person. Teaching is for her an enriching experience of exchange that she performs with love and passion.

Gladys Helena Tobar 
Gutberto Flores Narrias 

Gutberto Flores Narrias is the only Psycho-bio therapist™ authorized in Chile by the Biodecoding® of Christian Flèche. He is also official Organizer in Santiago de Chile. With over 11 years of experience in France and Chile, he is in charge of providing training courses in Santiago and the surrounding regions. By his side leading French teachers trained by Christian Flèche provide courses in Biodecoding® to train new therapists.

Jean Guillaume Salles 

Jean Guillaume Salles has a degree in geophysics, although he found his true path in the relationship of help from the angle of the interaction of the body and Consciousness with the Caycedian Sophrology.

Then an encounter with the Biological Decoding revolutionized his life and his therapeutic practice.

His therapeutic search based on criteria of efficiency, respect and curiosity, lead him to a Master-practitioner of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Psycho-Bio-Therapist, who brought it closer to Biological Decoding from psycho genealogy and memorized biological cycles, NLP and Hypnosis, which are three knowledge that allow access to the functioning of the brain to create profound and effective changes both behaviorally and Biologically A holistic view of the therapy he has been practicing for more than 15 years leads him to integrate the Holographic Field Therapy (integration of the holographic functioning of the brain) into psycho-bio-therapy.

Today his activity is shared between his therapeutic cabinet in Villard de Lans (France), Biological Decoding formations and conferences in France and abroad, and therapeutic courses in France and abroad. His vision of therapy and training is summarized in this sentence: "It's time to live the life you've imagined" Henry James

Katteryne Chavarro Bautista 

Medical surgeon.

National university of Colombia.

Specialist in Psychiatry.

National university of Colombia.

Specialist in Systemic and Group Family Therapy.

Siloé Foundation.

Family Constellation Bert Hellinger Institute, Mexico.


Mahé Gérôme 

Master NLP Trainer, certified by the Institute: Institut Ressources (Belgium), Master in Psycho-Energy, certified by ASBL Timothéus (Belgium). Professor of extensive experience in both disciplines. She works as a therapist and trainer in several countries: Belgium, France, Switzerland, in Reunion Island and Bali - Indonesia, for more than 30 years. Her indefatigable curiosity for the human, her long experience and her numerous investigations have allowed her to develop an impressive sharpness of the emotional, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual world of the total being that we are. In her therapeutic interventions, she effectively accompanies each person or each team that wishes, in their path of evolution and realization, with great precision and infinite respect, helping them to find and rely on their own resources.

Adriana Gómez Ramírez

Psycho-bio Therapist™ from  the Biodecoding® School of Christian Flèche through Centro Luminoso. Ontologist from the Valley University, Traditional Chinese Medicine, NeijingSynthetic School of Jorge Carvajal, Currently training in dental decoding with Christian Beyer.

Mirella Vallance 

Former professional dancer, she felt in her body all kinds of injuries and repeated traumas, which led her to want to understand her mechanical functioning and care.

Soon, her first training made her aware of the close relationship between physical symptoms and the intense feeling that people experience in the face of various tests of life (although the physical symptom is apparently caused by an accident or other circumstance .. .)

In her desire to discover and understand the mechanisms that link emotion to the body, she was certified for the first time in:

- Somatotherapy of the Abrassard Jean-Louis School of Touch.

- Functional Movement Therapy (Hervé Chambon and Gilles Dionizio ETFM. - Training at the Christian Flèche School of psycho-biological decoding.

- Bio-Fundamentals and therapeutic NLP with Jean-Guillaume Salles.

The experimentation of each of these techniques has generated tremendous and profound changes in me!

Pierre Olivier Gély 

Pierre Olivier Gély is a medical doctor, a Psycho-bio-therapist™ and a Biodecoding® teacher in France. When working in the emergency department of a French hospital, it brought him a great learning experience as he was in direct contact with people who was suffering from various symptoms and diseases. From there stemmed his inclination to accompany patients through listening and talking to them as he was performing medical cares.

On his journey Biodecoding® naturally appeared as a brilliant and incredible revelation. Biodecoding® structures the support that he brings to his patients by faciliatating the integration of their various learnings that life put forward.

He trained in Biodecoding® in French Biodecoding® School of Christian Flèche located in the south of France. He currently works at spreading this knowledge by giving courses in this particularly effective technique. "I don't know if Biodecoding® is an art that acts closer to the cells, what I do know is that through me Biodecoding® comes to you".

Naturopath, Psycho-bio Therapist™ and NLP Practitioner. Founder and manager of the Biodecoding® Institute, she has been practicing and teaching alternative medicine for the past 20 years in France and the United States. Trained by Christian Flèche in 2001, she partnered with him to spread the Biodecoding® method within the international English-speaking community. She is in charge of developing and coordinating the online and residential courses in English. When she is not teaching classes or managing the school, she gives private sessions.

Visit her personal website here

It is not about healing
the symptoms
It's about listening
to your body 
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