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Decoding  the Memory of the Cells to Quick-Target Healing

Christian Flèche's Method

The symptom is the metaphor of a conflicting reaction to an unexpected and traumatic event. It holds inside the memory of an important emotion that got repressed at the time of the shock.


If you know the language of biology, you can access quickly the forgotten story and release the very emotion that made the body sick in the first place.


Biodecoding® is  a cutting-edge method of fast-reading the symptom and resolve it permanently at the cellular level. Today you can learn it directly from its creator, by the world renowned therapist Christian Flèche.

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What is Biodecoding®?

The art of decoding the language of the cells to identify quickly and resolve efficiently the emotional cause of illness.

Biodecoding® is a pioneering technique to decode any kind of symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) and resolve their underlying bio-emotional and ancestral cause at the cellular level through a signature methodology. It is a complementary approach to any conventional and alternative treatments, and has the amazing potential to unlock and speed up healing for permanent results.

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years of experience

Biodecoding® is a hybrid-therapy that combines the most effective components of various groundbreaking concepts. But it goes much further and that's what makes Biodecoding® stand out from any other healing modalities.


Christian Flèche is a visionary master therapist. He has developed several innovative theories and over a hundred signature therapeutic  protocols making Biodecoding® the most complete, coherent, practical and effective healing method available today.

Because of the outstanding results experienced by clients and students, Biodecoding® has grown in popularity and today Christian Flèche's school is present in over 20 countries on 3 continents.

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Your teachers

To assist him in training thousands of students yearly, Christian Flèche has personally trained an international team of approved teachers. For the English training Marie Anne Boularand is the main teacher and brings 18 years of experience in Biodecoding®.


Whether you are looking to give a major kick to your healing skills, or you want to start a new career as an outstanding therapist, or you just want to experience an profound self-transformation, we offer a variety of trainings and workshops in several countries and cities to meet your personal and professional goals.

You will find the most comprehensive hands-on practical and theory-based courses aimed at delivering amazing fast and lasting changes that our students report having experienced during our events.

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