Full Training
for pioneer students

This is your chance to complete the online training for as low as $175 a month*. Get certified by June 2021!

*for a 12-month installment plan

Do you want to continue your training in Biodecoding®?


We want to show our appreciation for our first pioneering group by making your continuation smooth and easy.


Make a real impact in the world by truly transforming within

This is a training that will bring the therapist in you to the next level and create fast and sustainable changes both in you and those you serve, at the physical and emotional level.
Here's our
special offer

20% off if you enroll now


This is a saving of $478!

(Original price is $2,360 USD)

You also get:

  • Certification Fee waved ($350 value)

  • One year access to Post-graduate mentoring meetings to deepen your new therapeutic skills (value $250)

  • Free access to select recorded lectures by Christian Fleche with 2 “tell a friend” free access (value $120)

  • Exclusive Bonus videos of Christian Flèche on special topics (priceless!)

Extra Bonuses for those who pay in full or sign up for 3-month payment plan:

  • Therapy Sessions with Marie Anne Boularand at a 25% discount for one year, and one “tell a friend” session at a 20% discount.

  • Free access to live online lectures with Christian Flèche for 1 year.

Why should you join the training?
  • You are looking for a dynamic therapeutic approach that radically accelerates healing and obtains lasting results.

  • You are already a therapist and want to expand your range and deepen your skills and capacity to effect rapid change in clients.

  • You want to start a new career as a therapist and learn from a world-renowned master and innovator with a well-established international school.

  • You’re tired of struggling with stubborn & persistent physical ailments or emotional blockages and are ready to free yourself once and for all.

Our promise to you:
With this training, you will learn how to quick-target and resolve the root cause of physical and emotional issues, and bring lasting transformational change to your life and that of others.
Here's what you'll get in full training:
  • Acquisition of 20+ transformational signature protocols that will drastically increase your skills and results in your therapeutic practice.

  • Obtention of Christian Flèche’s signature method of decoding symptoms through the Double Biological Entry and the Biological Portal

  • Specific decoding of all the organs of the body

  • Christian Flèche’s signature decoding of special conditions such as cancer, chronic disease, pain, inflammation, organ failure, and more.

  • Complete list of the Locking Conflicts: Christian Flèche’s discovery of conflicts that prevent healing from taking place.

  • A step-by-step process to become a proficient therapist and conduct effective therapy sessions

  • Monthly Group Q&A and Mentoring Webinars

  • Access to an expanding global community of like-minded healers and practitioners via the online school platform.

  • Eligibility for certification as a Biodecoding® Counselor

Don’t miss out on this one-time offer!

Dive into Biodecoding® and become who you were meant to be in this world.

$175 USD

per month

Contact us now to get your personalized promo code to enroll!


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