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Biodecoding® is the missing link in healing

Are you tired of unresolved pain? Are you sick of chronic illness? Are you ready for transformation?

Let Biodecoding® lead you to the healing you've been seeking

Heal ∙ Transform



Our vision is to empower people to move from fear of disease to appreciation of their body’s intelligence and confidence in their ability to overcome disease and powerfully transform

What is Biodecoding®?
The art of decoding the language of the cells to quickly identify and efficiently resolve the emotional cause of illness.

Biodecoding® is a pioneering technique to decode any kind of symptom (physical, emotional and mental) and resolve their underlying bio-emotional and ancestral cause at the cellular level through a signature methodology. It is a complementary approach to any conventional and alternative treatments, and has the amazing potential to unlock and speed up healing for permanent results.

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Biodecoding®... The Missing Link in Healing

Have you ever wondered why some people heal quickly and others don’t, despite all the treatments and therapies they undergo?  Why some people have relapses and others don’t?

Biodecoding® is the missing link in healing the body and the mind. Here's why: it’s founded on this critical knowledge:  physical symptoms, behavioral issues and emotional imbalances are all adaptive survival solutions. Because our bodies are SMART, disease is not something gone awry; it is not the body malfunctioning; it is a survival adaptation that responds to biological laws. Therefore the key to understanding our bodies and its diseases rests not just on psychological, symbolic or intellectual approaches, but on a Bio-logical one.


When we learn to decode the symptoms and understand the messages of our body, we not only liberate ourselves from fear of disease, but we have the tools to effect healing at the cellular level.


This paradigm accounts for the critical role that trapped emotions and embedded unconscious beliefs play in creating the energetic blockage that creates disease. Once this trapped energy is released and beliefs updated, the disease has no more use and disappears.  


But we would be remiss if we didn’t warn you that Biodecoding is far more than the missing link in healing: It is a path of deep transformation. For once our obsolete programming is updated—e.g. emotions released and perceptions changed, it is impossible to remain the same person. 

Our mission:

to train first-class Biodecoding® therapists.

What sets us apart from the rest? We are an established school with 26+ years of  experience certifying first-class Biodecoding therapists. Over the years we’ve developed highly effective protocols that have been tested over and over. While we are heart-centered, we are efficiency-driven.


We love a big vision, but it’s the results that count.


Bring lasting transformational change to your life and that of others.

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