"The knowledge in term of quantity is enormous for the few days we have. The quality of the teaching is amazing. It changes my life and the way I see illness. It helps people to grow and live a better life without fear." Irma Oramas, nutrition consultant - Orlando, Florida. Ge

"TRANSFORMATIONAL WORK! There is the posibility to enlighten the patients and clear the core of their distress, disease and bring greater wellness and peace into their life. Marie, you bring a such open hearted acceptance and love to your work. Your patience in everything you do is a reminder to slow down, breath and appreciate each moment that brings hope and greater possibilities to my work and life! I am looking forward to working with you soon! " Dr Lynn van Metre, Chiropractic medicine - CA.

"This has been an incredible learning experience. My mind will not think the same as it has in the past when working with a client. I am now encouraged to be more compassionate with my clients knowing that there is more involved than what is in front of me. My life is changed for ever. I recommend this seminar as it would give more people the opportunity to discover Biodecoding® and its wonderful healing information. Thank you for taking the time to share such incredible information. I have grown in "emotions" in ways I have never known. Thank you again." Kim, Health & Life coach - York, PA.

"Mariethank you for sharing such important information, I've been telling all my friends how fascinating was your courses.  I want to know so much more. [...] Your presentation was great, your knowledge of the material was evident in the way you answered questions, you are very intuitive, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you again, and may you reap all the blessings you give to others and more. Love."   Veronica, Orlando, FL

"Marie, you bring a wonderful mix to training: your extensive knowledge is obvious plus your warmth, your openess, your genuine desire to help and serve others is apparent in all you do. I cannot thank you enough for your love and courage in bringing this work to the US. This knowledge is everything we've talked about, and everything I'd hope for- SO MANY ANSWERS - and it's only the beginning. It is the "missing" link for all the work I do, both on myself and others. I know I can revolutionize my life by using this work, then hopefully be even more effective in working with others. I absolutely recommand this seminar to those who really want to understand and resolve their issues and help others to do the same. With Love and gratitude. " Jan Herlocker, Corporate leadership trainer - York, PA.

"I like this work... it's the road to no more fear!" Jane, California.