Biodecoding-Marie Boularand- Orlando-Breast Cancer

From 10 am to 1:30 pm


Learn the Language of the Cells to Decode the Emotional Cause of Symptoms


The symptom is a message from our subconscious telling us the story of an unresolved past emotional trauma.

But how to decode it clearly? By learning the only language that our body knows: the bio-logical language, a simple and logical code of Life.

Learning this new language allows to target quicker and more efficiently the specific emotional root cause underlying each symptom and therefore open the path of return to normal balance naturally.

Biodecoding is a revolutionary therapeutic method which has been developped in Europe for the past 30 years. It brings the missing link that connects all fields and empowers people.

Get out of the fear of disease to activate your self-healing power.



This event is limited to 10 people,

registration is required

(3 seats left)


Fee per person: $30


For information and registration, email at


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