Biodecoding® integrates the 2 discoveries of Marc Fréchet:

the Memorized Biological Cellular Cycles

the Project-Purpose of the Child.



Memorized Biological Cellular Cycles

Marc Fréchet, a French clinical psychologist and researcher, well-acquainted with Dr Hamer's work, re-discovered the existence of life cycles in the persons' life. He worked for many years with cancer patients in a major hospital in Paris. While studying his patients' life-events, he  noticed that they tended to repeat at regular interval events that were emotionally connected. He realized that events including diseases, accidents, birth of a child, death of a family member, etc, were occurring most of the time according to precise timing-patterns.

Applied to physical, emotional or behavioral issues, these discoveries help to understand the primary origin of a trauma in the person's life and clarify on the phenomenon of recurrence and destiny. Just by revealing these life cycles to the person may break the cycle and allow the person to change the course of his/her life.

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Project-Purpose of the Child

Fréchet also identified the concept of the Project-Purpose of the Child (also called the Unconscious Parental Project of the Child). He pointed out the importance of the happenstance and psychological state in the parents' life during the period from the conception until the first year of the child. The climate of this period with the unconscious parental projections and their emotional impacts on the fetus, predetermine the child's life purpose and its future roles, behaviors and diseases.

The project-purpose of the child shows that many of our behaviors, diseases and their emotional imprint don't belong to us but to our parents; they are the parents' projections passed on to the child. Working on the Project-Purpose allows the person to free herself from the unconscious parental projects in order to reconnect to her true self and find her "real" life purpose.  

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