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Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD


"Thank you for your genius and your genuine contribution in the advancement of human consciousness." Marie A. Boularand



Although Biodecoding® differs greatly from German New Medicine®, Dr Hamer's work served as a substancial foundation. In order to honor Dr Hamer's significant contribution in the understanding of the biological and emotional cause of illness, we will expose in a nutshell the Five Biological Laws of Diseases that summarize his discoveries.

Dr Hamer's findings stemmed from his own story. Few months after the tragic death of his son, Dirk, Dr Hamer was diagnosed with a testicular cancer. From this series of tragic events, he made a relationship between the appearance of his cancer - that nothing suggested that such disease might happen - and the death of his son.

After studying thousands of cancer cases for several years, he started writing the Five Biological Laws of Diseases in 1981, revealing the biological and emotional root cause of cancer and cancer equivalent diseases. Dr Hamer was able to verify his theories within a scientific framework, and realized that they could apply to virtually any type of cancer and disease (physical, psychological, chronic, degenerative, auto-immune, etc).

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The 5 Biological Laws of Diseases


1st law: Every cancer and related diseases start with a DHS

D.H.S.: Dirk Hamer Syndrome - which is a acute, dramatic and isolating life event that takes the person off-guard (aka conflict-shock). It triggers an onset of symptoms, which affect simultaneously the three levels: Psyche - Brain - Organ.

Depending on the way the person perceives the situation, a specific brain area will be impacted as well as the organ that it controls. In other words, at the moment of the conflict-shock, the structure of the brain changes, target-shaped rings appears and are visible on a brain CT-scan (known as Hamer Focus or Hamer Herd). The brain relay affected by the impact controls a specific organ, which will immediately stop functioning "normally" and start the "disease program". For instance, if a person at the moment of the shock experiences a fear of death, it will impact the area of the brain stem that controls the alveoli of the lungs. At this very moment starts the program "disease" on the corresponding organ - a lung cancer may appear.

Through this first law, Dr. Hamer scientifically proved that disease, its location in the body and the organ affected, are caused by a very precise emotional conflict. He confirms that an emotional shock is necessary to trigger a symptom in most cases - there are 3 exceptions: in case of malnutrition, poisoning and radiation. Nowadays, the idea of an emotional connection to a physical symptom is commonly accepted. This idea was quiet new in 1981, at the time Dr. Hamer wrote this first biological law. He was the first who scientifically proved, without the shadow of a doubt, the connection between the psyche, the brain and the organ and find the exact bio-emotional cause to virtually every symptom and disease.

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2nd law: The 2-phased development of illness


3rd law: The ontogenetic system of tumors

Dr Hamer discovered that diseases develop into 2 distinctive phases: the [cancer]-active phase (aka cold phase) and the healing phase (aka post-conflictolysis phase or repair phase or hot phase). Depending on the embryonic origin of the affected tissue, symptoms will follow a very specific evolution through each phase.

Tissues controlled by the old brains (brain stem and cerebellum), will undergo a cellular multiplication (growth, tumors, mass, etc) during the active phase and a cellular disintegration will follow during the healing phase. Whereas tissues controlled by the new brains (cerebral cortex and cerebral medulla) will experience ulceration/necrosis (cell loss) during the active phase and cell proliferation (growth, tumors, mass, etc) during the healing phase. Depending on the tissue and the organ affected, specific symptoms will manifest in a precise order.

Through the second law, we learn that there are 2 types of cancers - active cancers and healing cancers. Since they don't evolve the same way, they should be approached and treated differently. The implications of this second law are huge. It unveils why certain cancers are able to heal on their own and respond positively to any treatments (conventional or natural) while others seem to worsen no matter what is done.

Being able to identify in what phase the person is primordial. It allows to determine the adequate therapeutic direction in order to accompany the person the most efficiently and safely, while respecting the biological healing process.


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4th law : The ontogenetic system of microbes

Microorganisms such as microbes, fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc, play a key role in the balance of our external and internal eco-system. We have actually 10 to 100 times more germs than cells in our body - in other word, each cell need 10 to 100 germs for an optimal maintenance. We are walking bags-of-germs and we are alive! Aligned with Bechamp's theories, Dr. Hamer discovered that germs were actually essential during the healing phase (hot phase) of the disease. As one of my naturopathic teachers used to say, developing an infection is a privilege! Here again, infectious diseases don't come randomly. Dr. Hamer demonstrated that, depending on the embryonic origin of the affected tissue or organ, a very specific infectious disease will manifest, activating a very specific germ in the body. Germs appear to be key agents in the acceleration and completion of the healing process. It becomes urgent to rehabilitate microbes to the status they deserve and stop the war against germs since they are our best allies rather than enemies! Actually, without them, we would not be stay alive. Without them, the Human species would die!


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5th law : The Quintessence - Disease as a Special Biological Program of Nature

All diseases without exception have a special biological meaning and purpose that can be explained and understood through biology, embryology and evolutionary theories. All diseases are biological programs of adaption for survival when facing unexpected distress and life-threatening situations. This means that diseases are not here to bother or kill us but rather to improve our biological functioning to increase our chance of survival. The concept that illness is the perfect biological solution to our emotional distress can be a little challenging to understand when we witness so many people suffering terribly and dying from illness. What is sure is when you understand biology, embryology and evolutionary history, all this makes perfect sense without the shadow of a doubt!

The fifth law allows us to make peace with cancer and all diseases. In the light of this discovery, it is clear that illness is a beneficial and peaceful process that needs to be understood and respected. Biology is simple and logical. Biology has only ONE program : LIFE. It executes the life-program relentlessly every second of our life since the day we were born.

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